When you need a rock solid, secure converged communications system... get a little soul.
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Soul is Australia's premier Internet Protocol (IP) carrier, offering innovative services to the Australian service provider community. Soul is a fast-growing, publically-listed (ASX: SOT) full service telecommunications service provider and has invested more than $400m in the construction of our national convergent network.

Over 200 data centres and points of presence (PoPs) throughout Australia means that our national IP infrastructure is capable of delivering:

  • High speed Internet access
  • Wholesale Private Networks
  • Internet Dial
  • Business DSL
  • Inbound and Outbound Voice telephony

These services are available nationally, which means regional Australia now has a competitive option with a superior level of service.

Soul's wholesale group is a leader in delivering value to telecommunications service providers and carriers around Australia and overseas, with products designed specifically for the wholesale market.

Our mission is to lead the market in delivering innovative and timely solutions to carriers and service providers. We encourage new players in the market whilst working closely with existing customers to develop their business.

Contact Soul's Wholesale Team on 02 8220 6000 or via email at wholesales@soulaustralia.com.au.

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