When you need a rock solid, secure converged communications system... get a little soul.
Get a little Soul


The Soul difference and our strength is our nation-wide network that we build, manage and maintain ourselves. Soul operates Australia's largest independent carrier network with over 600 points of interconnect (POI) and points of presence (POP).

Our network provides our customers significant economic benefits, technological advantages and scalability for the delivery of new, innovative broadband applications now and into the future.


We've got Australia Covered

Many of these POPs are located in regional areas, providing Soul with the capability to deliver cost effective, high-speed services to almost 96% of Australia. Soul's network can provide local call access to 98.5% of Australian homes and businesses.

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Network Features

Unique Network

Soul's network uses latest network architecture, but what really makes our network unique is that is has been purpose-built to carry dedicated IP traffic privately, securely and with inherent Quality of Service (QoS).

Soul became the first telecommunications company in the world to deliver 22Mbps digital television service and sound (DVB) successfully as native IP traffic.

Fully Distributed Private Network (MPLS)

We have invested in a fully-distributed core ring across metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia. Our network sets Soul apart from the rest when it comes to delivering the highest end-to-end network performance.

High performance is addressed through 24/7 network monitoring, network security, redundant and uninterruptible power supply, air-conditioned environments and smoke detection alarms.

An extensive range of corporate, government, wholesale and retail products are available across the network including comprehensive firewalls, network management and consultancy.

National Voice Network

Soul has developed and rolled out a national IP voice-based network that is the second largest in the country. Soul interconnects with many other carriers including Telstra. The network covers all 66 Call Collection Areas (CCA) across the country and can terminate calls locally to over 98% of Australia. Soul's voice network is state-of-the-art including comprehensive class 4 and 5 switches.

Extensive DSL Network Infrastructure

Soul has built extensive DSLAM infrastructure in more than 320 Telstra exchanges across Australia, connected by a high speed, redundant backbone. Our DSLAM network is managed ourselves, allowing Soul to deliver high speed, cost-effective 'last mile' solutions to our customers.


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