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eCall™ is an inbound and outbound voice trunking service which is delivered over Soul's network. It is a converged voice and data service delivered to a customer over a single IP link. The benefits of eCall™ are best realised when other Soul Data Services such as Private Network and Internet are purchased together with eCall™. Soul is able to deliver a single Access Tail to a customer where eCall, Private Network and Internet traffic are able to leverage and share the bandwidth. Two Handoff options are available:

    (a) TDM voice interfaces such as Basic Rate (BRI) or Primary Rate (PRI). This is referred to as "eCall Standard"; or
    (b) Ethernet interfaces by means of the Internet Protocol (IP). This is referred to as "eCall Direct".

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Digital Voice 30 (DV30)

Soul's DV30 (Digital Voice 30) Product is an ISDN replacement product, provides for 30 concurrent voice calls delivered over a High Speed Bearer.

DV30 Product is available with a minimum of 30 channels. The name DV30 reflects the fact that each service delivers up to 30 by 64Kbps channels. A high speed bearer is required for every customer regardless of whether the minimum number of channels is taken. Beyond 30 channels a new DV 30 Product is required.

This DV 30 Product offers 30 B channels of 64kbit/s each and one 64kbit/s D channel, which is used for signaling.

The DV30 Product supports incoming and outgoing calls and is suitable for PABX with ETSI PRA interface.

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Soul Voice

Soul Voice provides our customers with a complete set of voice services and offers the customer a single point of contact for the majority of their voice communications needs. This means, customers do not have to contact multiple service providers and manage multiple invoices. Soul Voice provides customers a one-stop-shop for their voice solution and at the same time allows customers to experience the simplicity and convenience of a single voice bill.

With Soul Voice customers can access analogue and ISDN services for their local calls as well as experience the benefits of competitively priced carriage services for their national and international long distance calls and fixed to mobile calls. Soul Voice also supports calls to special services such as the 13 / 1300 and 1800 numbers.

Soul Voice is available to all business customers.

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1 Solutions

The FLR Service provides businesses with easy to remember 13/1300/1800 numbers. Calls to these numbers can be routed a variety of ways (as selected by the customer) and carried to the customer's nominated answering point(s). Callers to 13/1300 numbers are charged no more than the Local Amount and 1800 numbers are free to callers from a fixed line standard telephone service. Our customers are only charged for calls made to their FLR Service.

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Soul's Business Preselection is an outbound voice service that allows a customer to take advantage of Soul's market-leading rates for national, international and fixed to mobile calls. The service requires no hardware expenses or system upgrades, so the switch is easy.

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Similar to Business Preselection, Business Override is an outbound voice service that utilises Soul's market-leading rates for local, national, international and fixed to mobile calls.

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Soul Voice Conferencing

Soul Voice Conferencing provides customers with a simple, easy to use and cost effective voice conferencing service. This Self Service facility is available 24 hours x 7 days providing instant phone conferencing - anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Host and guests, unlimited number, just have to dial into a pre-arranged conference bridge number to join into the conference. Operator assistance is available at any time! Participants can access the conference bridge number using their Fixed Line or Mobile phones and they could be anywhere including overseas. Soul Voice Conferencing saves you time and money and you can have it up and running in less than 10 Business Days.

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