When you need a rock solid, secure converged communications system... get a little soul.
Want to invest in Soul?


Soul provides innovative products & services that will complete the final piece in your network convergence puzzle!

Soul can extend the performance and functionality of convergent Private Networking to your organisation. How?

Coverage : We understand that business today is not static. Soul has over 500 point of presence locations positioned strategically throughout Australia. This enables us to provide both fixed and remote access solutions to reduce the distance required to connect to your network, making more access types available.

Security : The Soul Private Network suite provides a strong and robust core MPLS network that offers security comparable to a Layer 2 ATM or Frame Relay infrastructure.

Service Level Agreements : Soul applies industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) to its Private Network portfolio. Soul provides you with the confidence and assurance of a reliable, "always available" outperforming network infrastructure. Soul understands the importance of your information, and currently offers Network Latency, Service Availability, Access Port Availability and Packet Loss agreements.

Comprehensive Managed Services : Soul can manage and maintain your Private Network solution by combining it with our Comprehensive Managed Service (CMS) solutions. Soul CMS allows you to work within your budgets by outsourcing the daily functions required to operate and maintain your Private Network solution. By making Soul your Private Network Helpdesk, let us assist you to lower your cost of ownership, internal training and technical staffing requirements.

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