business private network solution - ethernet with redundancy up to 10Mbps


Businesses can reduce their inter branch telecommunications costs by over 70%* by connecting their local and interstate branches to the TPG SOUL network using the latest EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) Technology.

Your business will be able to run Data, Voice and Video across a single non-contended, QoS enabled connection at up 10Mbps from $599 per month after installation. This will allow you to simplify your network infrastructure by using the latest in converged communications rather than stay with more expensive and outdated technology from your current carrier and provider.

EFM is reliable and is often used as a primary connection however many organizations are now using it as a fail over redundant link to give carrier diversity for business critical situations.

Up to 10Mbps~ Ethernet / Site
Fail Over Redundancy
Unlimited VPN Traffic
No Data Charges
Enhanced Data Security
Pricing Example
Site Speed Up to Monthly Cost#
Sydney 10Mbps~ $599
Melbourne 10Mbps~ $599
Brisbane 10Mbps~ $599
Perth 10Mbps~ $599
Adelaide 10Mbps~ $599
Total Sites   $2995
up to 10Mbps high performance network

The above table illustrates a typical 5 site Private Network using EFM Access Tails and MPLS any to any connectivity. Routers & install excluded. All sites are within Soul's EFM coverage areas.

# Supplied in Soul network coverage areas with available infrastructure only. Advertised price is for a 4 wire service in capital cities only (excludes Darwin & Hobart). Installation charge is site dependent. ~Speeds varies up to 10Mbps based on a range of factors including connection, distance from exchange quality of copper, electrical interference, customer cabling, RIM or pair gain may limit connection speed. As at 9/2/09 more than 80% of Soul's EFM customers obtained a connection speed of 10Mbps or more. *Save money on unnecessary service duplication costs. Compared with Soul's 10Mbps DDF pricing as at 9/2/09. For full terms and conditions, please contact Soul.

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